‘Those involved in NID fraud won’t be spared’

Staff Correspondent

25 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Saidul Islam, Director General of the National Identity Registration Wing of Election Commission, on Thursday said those who are involved in NID fraud will not be spared.

Exemplary punishment will be given to officers and employees involved in NID forgery, said the DG.  

Saidul Islam made the statements while addressing a virtual press conference.

He said the commission is carrying out some plans to make the NID server security system stronger to check forgery. 

The Election Commission is going to sue 937 people for making attempts to obtain duel national identity cards with bad intention, said Saidul. The wing had detected a total of 2.7 lakh such dual NIDs and they are scrutinising the reason of second-time enrolment, he added.

“We suspect that all of them are not asking for a second NID with a bad intention. Probably some people are doing it out of curiosities and some are doing it because of misunderstanding,” said the DG.