BNP’s approach to elections welcome

20 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Ambiguity has been persisting over opposition parties’ decision to contest in upcoming polls as the dilemma over how to approach elections under the present government continues to hound them – to join or to boycott the polls. In fact they have tried both the options at hand, but failed to achieve their intended goals, apparently.

Now, elections to some local government bodies and by-election of five constituencies are around the corner. Reportedly, BNP will join the upcoming polls to rejuvenate the party ranks and files, and also to ‘create mass uprising.’

We welcome any positive developments in the country’s political landscape. Earlier the BNP-led opposition alliance had relegated politics to terrorism, by resorting to some sort of guerilla warfare and ambushing public vehicles with firebombs. Such destructive politics only served to bury the party’s reputation, other than hurting the economy and creating immense suffering for the common people. Now, if good sense prevails in the BNP camp and it follows normal democratic practice and pursues non-violent ways, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

It may be mentioned that at this time of the country’s economic turnaround from coronavirus crisis, socio-economic crisis and human distress, any political disruption will prove costly.

However, the fate of the second largest political party, BNP, to some extent is hanging in the balance in absence of a firm leadership. Its strength has frittered away by the political frictions of the previous years and conviction of its chairperson Khaleda Zia in a graft case, while Tarique Rahman who was supposed to serve the party as acting chief is a fugitive criminal in the eyes of the law. In a word, BNP has turned into a boat without a rudder.

Let us assume that the existing political atmosphere is not favourable for BNP and other opposition parties. In this backdrop, the coming days are going to be very challenging for the opposition. The party will take a further beating if it fails to reorganise itself and recover its lost strength by fixing leadership issues first. And let us say, the look of things suggests as of now, the risk of BNP being split into factions is high. So, it is time BNP reinvigorated itself by practicing positive politics.