Cheques given by Brothers to DPL players bounce

Sports Correspondent

31 July, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Cricketers of Brothers Union have claimed that the cheque they received from their club bounced on July 29 as they went to the banks to collect the money that they received as payment for playing for Brothers Union in Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League (DPL).

Brothers Union veteran campaigner Tushar Imran told daily sun on Tuesday that they are not sure when they will get their payment.

“Yes, our cheques have bounced,” said Tushar.

“Around eight to nine players went to the bank to collect the payment ahead of Eid but it was not to be,” he said.

“Apart from Junayed Siddique none of us received any payment. It has been the case for the last couple of seasons. If they can’t pay us, why are they taking part in the league?” asked Tushar.

Brothers official Amin Khan admitted that they are aware about the cheque bounced incident but added that they proposed to pay BDT 400,000 to the players which the players refused to accept.

“Yes, we are aware that the cheque bounced and we regret,” said Amin.

“But we proposed to distribute TK400,000 among the players ahead of Eid. There are some seniors who were reluctant to accept the offer and for then the juniors also had to suffer,” he said.

Tushar reacted sharply about the proposal and added that this is not the way to run a club. “We refused to take Four Lakh taka which they offered to distribute among us. Why should we accept it?” he asked.

DPL was suspended after the first round due to the coronavirus pandemic. The cloud of uncertainty regarding the future of DPL is still looming large as the spread of the deadly virus has increased.

DPL is a mean to earn bread and butter for many cricketers and they are now facing trouble both mentally and financially.

Cricketers’ Welfare Association of Bangladesh urged Cricket Committee of Dhaka Metropolis (CCDM) to make sure that cricketers receive 50 percent of their contract money but it was learnt that many players have not yet received the money as per the terms of contract.

“I think CCDM is not keen and behaving quite different now (regarding payment of cricketers),” he said.