Sale of sacrificial animals lacklustre despite huge supply

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman

31 July, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Sale of sacrificial
animals lacklustre
despite huge supply

Just two days ahead of Eid-ul-Azha, buyers are busy making choice of their desired sacrificial animals at Gabtoli cattle market in the capital on Thursday, showing no sign of physical distancing amid the coronavirus situation.

The cattle markets in the capital are witnessing an overall lackluster sale amid the coronavirus pandemic this year compared to that in the previous year. 

 During a visit to some cattle markets in Dhaka, it was found that cattle traders are not happy with their sales as price is lower this year than that in the previous year.

On the other hand, it became evident that sale of the sacrificial animals yesterday got momentum in comparison with that in the previous days.

Traders with truckloads of animals — cows, goats, sheep, camels, dumbas and buffaloes — are making their ways into Dhaka ahead of the Muslims’ annual feast of sacrifice, but they apprehend that this year they won’t be able to make their expected profit.

The buyers claim that traders are overcharging them.

On the other hand illegal cattle markets have mushroomed across the city defying the government rules, adding to the miseries of the city dawdlers.

This correspondent found that illegal cattle sellers have sat on the roadside and also in the residential areas, blocking streets.

While visiting cattle market at Dumni adjacent to Purbachal Bridge, it was seen that the sale got momentum on Thursday.

Traders, leaseholders and customers said the buying spree started in the cattle market from yesterday as people would try to purchase the sacrificial animals on a single visit.

The sale of cattle is getting higher as the Eid day is drawing nearer, said Abbas, a cattle trader. 

Both traders and buyers said the demand for small and medium-size cattle is high.

Robiul Islam, buyer at the cattle market, alleged that a section of traders have been increasing the prices after buying cattle from rural traders.

He said, “Cattle prices were pretty reasonable two days earlier but the traders increased the price as the sale increased.”

Besides, the supply of cattle to makeshift cattle markets in the capital is relatively low this year compared to that a year ago.

Market insiders said the demand for sacrificial animals has dropped as the coronavirus pandemic has taken away the ability of many to perform sacrifice.

Imran Hossain, president of Bangladesh Dairy Farmers’ Association, and also the owner of Sadeeq Agro, told daily this year cattle sale has increased online.

He also said this year the overall sale of sacrificial animals has declined due to financial hardship of people due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) approved 16 makeshift cattle markets in Dhaka city ahead of Eid ul-Azha.

Five makeshift cattle markets under DNCC include the ones in Uttara Bindaban, Kaula Shialdanga, Uttarkhan Moinartech, Vatara Sayeednagar and Dumni adjacent to Purbachal Bridge.

Under DSCC, cattle markets have been set up in Shahjahanpur Moitri Songho Math, Hazaribag Leather Technology College Field, Postogola Shoshan Ghat, Kamalapur Little Friends Club, Aftabnagar, Meradia Bazar, Dania College Field, Dupkhola Playground, open places adjoining Dholaikhal Truck Terminal, Amulia Model Town and Rahmatganj Playground.