Hanif Sanket’s Eid spl drama ‘Moner Moti-Moner Goti’

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27 July, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Hanif Sanket’s Eid spl drama ‘Moner Moti-Moner Goti’

Popular television host Hanif Sanket’s Eid special drama ‘Moner Moti-Moner Goti’ will be aired on ATN Bangla at 08:20pm on the Eid day.     

Hanif Sanket makes two dramas every year on the occasion of two Eid festivals. As per tradition, he has made the drama ‘Moner Moti- Moner Goti’ to entertain the viewers.

The Eid special production promises to be a family-friendly drama with a social message amid coronavirus outbreak.

The shooting of the drama has already been completed at Fagun Audio Vision’s shooting spot in Savar.

Talking about the drama, Hanif Sanket said, ‘Moner Moti-Moner Goti’ is a social drama. I always try to depict social irregularities through two families in my dramas. This drama is not exception from my other dramas. I hope audience will enjoy the drama.”

The casts of the drama include Chanchal Chowdhury, Tareen Jahan, Mir Sabbir, Nadia, Sayed Babu, Subhasish Bhowmik, Anwar Shahi and others.

The theme song of this drama has been written by Mohammad Rofiquzzaman while Hanif Sanket has composed it. Singer Kishore has lent his voice to the song and singer Farid Ahmed has directed the song.

Hanif Sanket is a television host, writer and producer of the country. He is best known as the creator and host of the television show Ityadi.

Sanket first appeared in television on a show Jodi Kichhu Mone Na Koren in 1980s.  Later, he moved on to create his own TV show Ityadi, which successfully pioneered televised comedy programme in Bangladesh and went on to become the most popular TV show in the country. He also produces drama during Eid seasons.

Hanif Sanket’s drama ‘Durutter Gurutto’ was aired during the Eid-ul-Fitr.