Mumbai ambulance start-up joins corona battle

2 June, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Mumbai ambulance start-up joins corona battle

MUMBAI: With bodies piling up in wards and patients sharing beds, the coronavirus has crippled Mumbai’s health care system. But an ambulance service launched by three 20-somethings is trying to do its bit, reports AFP.

But even though the non-profit’s services cost as little as a few dollars, many in the teeming slums of the Indian megacity — ideal breeding grounds for the virus — cannot afford to use it. Aditya Makkar, 20, was inspired to start HelpNow three years ago when his father suffered a cardiac arrest and was told he would have to wait 47 minutes for a government ambulance.       

Fortunately his family owned a car, enabling his father to receive prompt medical treatment.

Many others in Mumbai, a city of 18 million where the high-rises of the super-rich soar over the shacks of the dirt poor, are not as lucky.