Chinese company’s staff saves three from drowning

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2 April, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Chinese company’s staff saves three from drowning

Sailor Zhao Wei, a staff of the first harbour engineering company which belongs to China Communication construction company, working on the Payra project site, was praised for saving three drowning persons recently near the Payra coal terminal in the Kazal River.

On the day, he was leading labourers to clean and paint Gangwan 2 boat. Suddenly he heard someone shouting for help. Three people were struggling in the water for help.

At that time, the river was in the period of low tide, the flow of the water was so quick that the drowning people had drifted along with the river for some distance.

Zhao Wei wasted no time in asking for help of five Bangladesh labourers, who were working on the boat. He then threw a rope, rescued the drowning persons and sent them to the temporary jetty.

It is understood that the three persons took a small wooden boat to take pictures of the Kazal River. However, the current was turbulent and the boat overturned, causing the three to fall into the water.

After sending the trio to the temporary jetty, Zhao Wei calmed them down and said that they are now safe.

After learning about the incident, the leaders of the project department and branch companies praised Zhao Wei for rescuing the three.