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PM warns tough action against rumourmongers

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  • 26 March, 2020 12:00 AM
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PM warns tough action against rumourmongers

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday appealed to all Bangladeshis not spread rumours about coronavirus or face the consequences and thanked those in the forefront in the fight against the bug.

“People should refrain from spreading rumour. Stern action will be taken against those involved in spreading rumours,” Hasina said in anntional hook-up on the eve of the 49th Independence and National Day.

The premier said awareness campaigns by Betar, television and social sites have been strengthened.

“I thank the health workers, law enforcement agencies, members of the armed forces and administration for working together to contain the spread of the virus,” she said.

The premier said the whole world had been passing through uncertainty. “But we always stand by the people. I myself have been monitoring the situation all the time.”

Mentioning Bengalees as the nation of heroes, the premier said Bengalees faced many disasters together.

“We have won the 1971 war as we faced the enemies together. Facing coronavirus situation is also a war. And in this war, it is your duty to remain at home. We will win the battle due to our united effort…Inshallah,” she said.  

Bangladesh has so far reported five deaths in the country while at least 39 patients were detected with the bug.

The World Health Organization on March 11 declared the coronavirus crisis a pandemic.

The COVID-19, first reported in China’s Wuhan, has been spread to 169 countries across the globe.

Death toll from the coronavirus or COVID-19 has climbed to 19637 globally while 436,813 have been infected with the deadly virus.

The World Health Organisation has also suggested Bangladesh to go into lockdown and declare emergency due to the outbreak.

The premier urged the affluent people to stand by the poor as many of them had already lost their jobs due to the bug.

“Many people have already lost their jobs due to the coronavirus. I urge the affluent people to come up with assistance for the low-income people,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina also announced an incentive package of Tk 50,000 million for export oriented industries as the coronavirus situation may affect the country’s economy.

“I have declared an incentive package of Tk 50,000 million for the export oriented industries. The fund can be used only to pay salaries of the workers,” she said.

“Besides, the Bangladesh Bank has already taken some business friendly initiatives. The central bank has already announced that it will not declare any client a loan defaulter till June,” she added.

The premier said her government’s highest priority is now to save people from the deadly virus as countrymen had been passing days amid panicked and tension.

She rejuvenated the people saying that the infected people become well within few days.

“The recommendations of the health experts must be followed to resist the virus. We have to avoid gatherings,” she said, urging the expatriate Bangladeshis to strictly follow the health advices. 

“Do not be panicked. Be alert so that your family members and neighbours can no way be infected,” she added.

Sheikh Hasina said critical time appeared before the nation in ages.

“People overcame those troubles due to united efforts. People in the past already resisted the disasters like Plague, Pox and Cholera,” she said.

The premier urged the businesses not to increase prices of essential commodities in the name of shortage of commodities.

“The supply chain at home and abroad is on. Do not raise the prices of essential commodities illogically and increase the sufferings of the people,” she said, urging all not to buy access items.