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The Right Way To Straighten And Curl Your Hair

  • Afroza Zaman Anni
  • 17 February, 2020 12:00 AM
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The Right Way To Straighten And Curl Your Hair

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When it comes to hair styling, we haphazardly turn the flat iron or the curling iron on and proceed to press the plus button to increase the temperature to some arbitrary number. Many of us juggle between questions whether 250 degrees is too high or too low? The confusion goes high if you have color-treated hair? It’s a mystery to even the hair stylists. If you don’t know what the best temperature for styling your hair, you’re not alone. Here are some suggestions to prevent you from burning your hair:


What is the right temperature to heat your iron?

In simple words, the hotter you go, the more damage you will incur. The finer your hair is, the lower the heat setting needs to be. The highest settings should be reserved for the coarsest hair. If you have fine hair, a low temperature of 180-280 degrees fahrenheit will be enough to style your hair. This also goes for hair that is color-treated or highlighted. The lower temperature prevents fading and damaging hair.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a curling iron, curling rod, flat iron, blowout brush or any other hot tool - the same rules apply. If you’re still uncertain what the best temperature for your hair is, next time you’re getting a haircut or color refresh, ask your stylist.


The temperature of the tool affects durability of the style

Aside from causing some serious damage to your strands, there’s another downside to heat styling your hair at too high of a temperature. If you overheat the hair, it can fall limp, and thus the style won’t last. For the sake of your hair, sanity and precious time, keep this in mind next time you style your hair. You may think you’re using the proper temperature but still your style will fall flat within a few hours if you’re not using the right products to retain it.

Don’t underestimate the power of the right heat-protective products before using the iron on your hair. However, in our country, women barely use heat protector before styling their hair. Heat protector makes a big difference, so consult with a hairdresser about what’s the best heat protector for your texture or hair type.


How to understand if your tool is set too high?

If the hair looks dull instead of shiny or you use a hot tool regularly and your ends are splitting or snapping off, it means your hair is going through heat damage or heat exhaustion.