Duronto TV airs Swapnoghuri

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15 February, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Duronto TV airs Swapnoghuri

The new series ‘Swapnoghuri’, jointly produced by Duronto TV and Save the Children is airing on Duronto TV every Friday and Saturday at 02:00pm and 09:30pm. 

The series has been directed by Monirul Hossain Shipon and the screenplay has been done by Ranteek Bipu.

  The series stars Farook Alvi, Preenon Biswas, Farzana Meem, Lutfor Rahman George, Sanjida Preeti, Anisul Haque Barun and Sahana Sumi.

The series ‘Swapnoghuri’ revolves around some ideals of kid’s childhood. Because of a happy and fun-filled childhood presents children with a bright future. Fear and punishment make a negative impact on children. Children must feel safe and be happy at home and their educational institutions.

In order for that to happen, they must partake in physical activities as well as receiving an education. Playing encourages creativity, problem-solving and self-confidence.