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A Vibrant Celebration Of Hip Hop Dance

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

30 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

A Vibrant Celebration Of Hip Hop Dance

A hip hop dance competition titled “Giant Concept Ltd. Presents Time To Battle Hip Hop Dance Championship 2020” was held on January 25 at M.A. Aziz Stadium located in Chattogram. Hip hop dancers from all over the country assembled at the spot around the morning. The event was organized by O2 Street Dance Crew.

Iftisham Ul Hadid from O2 said, “Though we had a few events within our crew, this was the first time hip hop dancers from the entire country came to battle. So we are all very excited about it. This tournament will give aspiring hip hop dancers a platform to showcase their talents.”

Dancers of three different styles (breaking, popping and ‘rep your style’) competed against dancers of the same style. The special guests in the event were city mayor AJM Nasir Uddin, founder principal of Sunshine Grammar School & College Safia Gazhi Rahman, owner of Hideout Lounge and also director of Hammer Strength Fitness Center Rumman Ahmed, founder of Hello Chittagong Reyad Khan and owner of Barcode Café Monjurul Hoque. The event was supported by Bangladesh Street Dance Community, Make Up Shake up and Seasonz.

Almost a thousand people turned up to watch the power-packed event in which around 120 hip hop dancers participated. Dancers took part in a one-on-one battle format to achieve their ultimate bragging rights in the Hip Hop Dance Community of Bangladesh. The event featured top dance artists along with all the dance crews of the country. In the judge panel were the pioneering hip hop dancers from Bangladesh Street Dance Community who belong to different dance crews, namely O2 Street Dance Crew, Anonymous Crew, X Press Dance Crew and Blue Poppers.

There were breathtaking battles between strong and skilled hip hop dance contestants. All of them were quite talented and full of life. Though each battle lasted few minutes, they were so enthralling that they seemed to go on for hours!  In the popping category Pop Ronz was the winner while Das was the runner up. In breaking category Bboy Zidan was the winner and Bboy Fury was the runner up. In ‘rep your style’ category, Tonic was the winner and Das was the runner up.

Hip hop dance championships and other events are a great way for the young and promising hip hop dancers to shine. It is also a celebration of the brotherhood in the hip hop community. “By the grace of Almighty, there is a good vibe in Bangladesh now. Once upon a time there were some internal problems. However we have gone past those and now dancers have a very good relationship between them. The bond we all share is very special,” said Iftisham. O2 Street Dance Crew is now busy with their dance school. “We have plans to create hip hop platforms all over the Bangladesh. We also want to go international to represent our country before the world,” concluded Iftisham.