Things You Should Do After An Interview

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu

23 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Things You Should Do After An Interview

When an interview comes to an end, it’s not all about the final handshake between the interviewer and interviewee or any other gesture to understand the main reflections. Actually it’s more than that. We keep guessing about the impression of the whole interview in the last few moments by observing the reactions of the interviewer to get an overall idea about how the interview went from the perspective of the interviewer.

We assume that the final handshake signifies the end of the race, which is sometimes correct but leaving the fate on a gesture is not a smart act. Rather, after the job interview communications can be helpful to create an impression in the mind of the interviewer and get the job. However when the job is offered instantly or at the end of the interview, things are different, and just showing thankful gestures and uttering greetings would be enough in that situation. But if the results are to be disclosed later, communication after the interview is a must. Communication after the interview also shows someone’s professionalism. Some of the etiquettes related to this are:


Asking for information

Before leaving the room where the interview has been taken, it’s important that one asks for email address or other non-confidential contact info. If it’s not possible to get a business card, ask the receptionist or someone else from the company and request them to provide you the email address of each of the interviewer. Inability to do so would require checking the website or facebook page or LinkedIn account of the company to get the information you need.


Analyze your performance

It’s important to have a look back at your performance once the interview is done. When you get back home and have some spare time, reflect on the questions asked during the interview and how many of them were answered properly by you. Once you finish evaluating your performance, you can move on to the next step.


Thank you mail

It’s the best idea to send a thank you mail to the interviewer or panel members and the company for their time and efforts. The email to the company should have grateful words for having you as an interviewee. Thanking the company for calling and holding the interview is considered as a nice gesture. It also shows the importance of the job and one’s seriousness towards the job to the interviewer. It also makes the effort of the interviewee clear to the interviewer.


Phone calls

Phone calls can also be effective if done properly. But the approach should be professional, authentic and to the point. You can reap the benefits out of the phone calls if you could mix politeness with professionalism. While making a phone call, it’s important to be specific.


Be patient

Don’t be in a hurry. If you communicate with the specific organization too early, they may form a perception that you are too desperate for the job. Rather take your time and wait for a few days. If you still don’t get a call, then you may approach them for further details related to the recruitment.