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Tips For Shaving Your Legs Properly

Afroza Zaman Anni

13 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Tips For Shaving Your Legs Properly

Women often want soft, smooth legs. Waxes are more expensive and way too painful to get silky legs. But, getting that close shave isn’t always easy. There are some ways to make it a little easier. With the right tools and methods, you can correct these mistakes and avoid cuts, bumps and irritation. These tips and tricks will help you to get it done smoothly:


Exfoliate before shave

Use a salt scrub before hopping in the shower to lift the hairs and prep your skin. Getting rid of dead skin cells also prevents gunk from getting into your razor.


Shave after shower

Moisten skin for at least 3 minutes before applying your shaving cream. Water helps to plump up your hair making it easier to shave, so shaving at the end of your shower is your best bet.


Change your razor

If you want to prevent nicks and built-up bacteria, dispose your razors after using it five times. Don’t use the same razor repeatedly as it will create problems.


Use moisturizer

A good homemade shaving cream makes the whole process so much easier on your skin. You’ll get fewer nicks and cuts. Besides, it will moisturize your legs.


Shaving technique

Avoid shaving the same area too much. Shaving the same area over and over just leads to irritation. Be careful while shaving thin-skin areas like the ankles, backs of knees, and shins. These areas are extra prone to cuts and bumps.


Save with the grain

If you have sensitive skin, try to shave with the grain, in downward strokes on the first run. Next, shave in the opposite direction to get off all unwanted hairs.


Use oil or lotion

A simple body oil is perfect for post-shaving. Wait at least for 30 minutes before applying scented lotions, deodorants or sunscreen. Your skin is very sensitive after shaving, so it’s extra important to leave the skin alone for a bit.


Remedy for razor burn

Lotions can make the sting worse, so try a natural razor burn remedy like a black tea bag, aloe or a simple cucumber lotion.