DO You Know?

2 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

•    Ares' father was Zeus. Zeus was the King of the Greek Gods. Ares' mother was Hera. Hera was the Greek marriage goddess.

•    Ares was so unlikable that none of the Greek cities wanted to be named after him. There were very few temples made for him. It was said that Ares' throne on Mount Olympus where he lived was covered in skin.

•    Ares was tried in the highest council of Ancient Greece, at the hill of Areopagus. He was accused of murdering Poseidon's son for the attempted rape of Alkippe- Ares' own daughter. He was the first Greek god to be tried at the hill of Areopagus.

•    According to some mythological stories, Ares was created by Hera with the use of a magic herb, not by Zeus.

•    When Ares was a baby he was kidnapped by giants and kept in a bronze jar. He was rescued by Hermes, another god.

•    Ares was father to the god of love - Eros, and the goddess of harmony - Harmonia. The Roman equivalent of Ares was Mars, however Mars was much more dignified and also the god of agriculture.

•    Ares loved Aphrodite but she fell in love with a mortal named Adonis. Ares became so enraged that he shape shifted into a boar and killed Adonis with his tusks.

     •           Ares tried twice to defeat Heracles but lost on both occasions. Ares overreacted to the smallest injuries with absolute rage and had even been depicted as being a coward in some instances of war.