Finding Balance In Life

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

9 December, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Finding Balance In Life

Nature is in perfect balance. The laws of physics always equate well. Chemical reactions that take place in our bodies are always perfectly synchronized to our needs. It is only when few balances are disturbed that we feel unrest, depressed or ill. While we observe balance in everything from gravitational forces to pH level in our bodies, why is it that most of our lives and lifestyles are without balance? Some work late nights and suffer from insomnia. Some are too lethargic to work and feel demotivated and depressed. A problem in city life other than pollution is the food we eat. Food delivery options have made it easier for us to devour burgers, pizzas and other fast food which may be tasty but surely not always healthy. Most of our relationships also experience ups and downs from either over-attachment or from heavy expectations. The mantra to live well is to live a balanced life.


Mind vs. heart

Bollywood films and drama serials demand that we think with our hearts. American ones, on the other hand, are usually more intelligent and give us a fair view of the mind’s game (TV series such as Dexter, Hannibal and movies such as Inception and Predestination). As homo sapiens (living in the 21st century with the virtues and vices of the internet) what should we adhere to? Well, we must listen to both our brains and our hearts. As a popular meme goes, our life is stuck between “Save for the future” and “You only live once.” You will find that many problems in life will disappear the day you begin to analyze the situations around you not only intelligently but also a bit emotionally.


Relationship scales

Relationships as a constant are often never great. Teenagers often carry a lot of frustrations against their parents but begin to sympathize and also miss them the day they become parents themselves. The man or woman who once gave you butterflies is the same one you argue with day and night currently. Feelings come and go. So were they ever true? The thing is that real relationships need to be nurtured like a flower. If neglected, they will wither in time. When showered with love, patience and affection, it will bear fruits. However, keep in mind that false relationships look very real too. The day you realize somebody is in your company only for some benefit, to deceive you or to harm you- that is the day you need to take necessary precautions to avoid that person and if possible, stop them.


Between nutrition and destruction

We are what we eat. Therefore, it’s necessary to fuel our machines (read ‘bodies’) with nutritious food like green vegetables, nuts, eggs, fish, fruits, etc. However, give your taste buds a treat now and then with cheat days where you can have whatever pleases you such as pasta, biriyani, steak, cake and cheese!