The Charm Of Pink Furniture

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

9 December, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The Charm Of Pink Furniture

The colour pink has always been notorious for its feminine associations. Barbies come in pink dresses mostly. Disney princesses also love this colour. A film advocating women’s rights had also been made with the name of this hue. However, thankfully, people have evolved out of the ‘women-only’ zone and pink is a colour much celebrated by all irrespective of gender. Pink is an important element not only in fashion but also in house décor. Other than your princess’s room, it has a rightful space in your bedroom, kitchen, living room and even drawing room. The reason you may want to add the colour pink is because of its serenity. Pink is the colourful white. White and off-white may be too bland for many people but pink is a bit more revitalizing. Here is how you can master the art of using pink furniture:


Add pink sofas

Pink sofas are full of luxury in terms of art and comfort. When you see a light pink sofa, you would immediately want to slide in. A pink pillow on it would be crème de la crème! Ideally, you would need to be a minimalist when using pink. In order to make the colour radiate in the room, it is necessary to keep other items minimum. Too many things will look too congesting and the sophistication of pink furniture will vanish. Instead, opt for a monochromatic painting just above the sofa. Keep a happy green plant near it. Opt for soft, furry mat (either grey or light golden). A lamp will look stunning in this décor too! As for other surrounding furniture, make them wooden. This will help sustain the tranquility of this design.


Pink cabinets

Make your kitchen much brighter with the addition of pink cabinets. For this, you may need to change the lighting in your space. The more lights, the merrier! Use white as a central colour for other items in the kitchen. The wall should be painted in white. The cutleries on display should be in white. If possible, opt for an oven/ microwave in white. It will adhere to the theme.


Pink in your bedroom

Let the colour pink reign in your bedroom. You could use pink curtains, bed sheets and what not. You don’t always need to create ‘pretty’ interior designs in pink. In fact, many modern designs as well as contemporary ones use this colour. You need to work with fragments of pink rather than pink themes to avoid the ‘princess-styled’ room. Use the colour palette wisely and add on other primary colours with pink in such a way that the interiors tell a beautiful but powerful story.