Energy saving bulbs: Green products

8 December, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Energy saving bulbs: Green products

Over the past few decades, consumption of goods and services has had tremendous impact on the environment that leads to global warming, ozone layer depletion, water and air pollution, etc. Thus, environmental problems have become one of the major issues for the societies, governments, as well as business organizations. Now, people are more conscious about environmental issues like environmental degradation, green house effect which creates a strong desire to purchase green products and services. Green products are the products which protect environment by reducing pollution and toxic agents from the production as well as conserving energy to a greater extent. From this definition, it can be said that energy saving lamp is an eco-friendly or green product because it saves 80 per cent energy, and cuts down greenhouse gas emissions. It is made from non toxic materials compared to traditional light bulbs made from mercury. It does not emit ultraviolet light or infrared light and lasts for a long time.

There is a bright prospect of energy saving bulbs in Bangladesh because it is one of the most densely-populated countries in the world, struggling with different forms of pollution for a long time, while energy saving bulbs will be the best solution to protect environment from green house effect. But the question arises that does energy saving bulb really protect our environment? The answer is yes, if we can use them properly. Energy saving bulb is an environment friendly product which saves both energy and money. But it contains a small amount of mercury, which is toxic and tough to get out of the environment. Therefore, safe disposal of energy saving lamp is an urgent need. To solve this critical issue, both green marketers and government can take different positive initiatives. Green marketers can offer free take-back program of old energy saving bulbs at retailer stores for the purpose of safely disposing them. Marketers can encourage customers by offering a discount on next purchase or a mini gift to make this program successful. On the other hand, local city corporations are ultimately responsible for waste disposal. They can take initiatives to collect old energy saving lamps from the dustbin and dispose them safely.


Md. Hafez,  Assistant Professor, School of

Business, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology