Over 33pc educated youths jobless

Finds new BIDS survey

Hasibul Aman

8 December, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Some 33.32 percent of the country’s educated youth who have completed SSC to Masters are unemployed, suggests a new study of Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS).   

The study finds that the surveyed youths aged 18 to 35 years are neither engaged in any job nor in any kind of education or training. 

The public sector research institute run under the Ministry of Planning published an online survey result with regard to this at a function recently. 

It finds the unemployment rate among SSC passed youth at 26.79 percent, among those passed HSC 27.95 percent while the jobless rate was found at 36.06 percent among the graduates and 34.03 percent among those who have completed masters.

A three-member research team led by BIDS Director General KAS Murshid conducted the online survey among 8,771 youths through facebook and e-mail, of which 2,911 were found jobless.

It found more unemployment rate among the women which is 38.1 percent against 31.1 percent of their male counterparts.

“Usually, the unemployment rate remains high among the educated people in countries with high economic growth,” Dr KAS Murshid said while presenting the research highlights.

“But the main concern is it might create social unrest if a major portion of educated people remains outside development process,” he added.

However, the latest survey of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) found 4.2 percent of the country’s total labour force unemployed. The rate was 11.2 percent among the graduates or Master degree holders and 14.9 percent among HSC passed youths.

The BIDS study also finds that 47.7 percent youth are engaged in full-time job and 18.1 percent in part-time jobs.

43.1 percent full-time employed youths draw salary while 12.29 percent that draw the salary are part-timers. 5.6 percent youth are fully self-employed and 5.79 percent are partly self-employed. 

In terms of salaried jobs, urban areas, especially metropolitan areas, are ahead of rural areas, while rural areas are ahead of urban areas in terms of self-employment. However, more unemployment was found in rural areas.

The study also found that 11.67 percent youths remained jobless two years after their studies, 18.05 percent for more than two years, 19.54 percent six months to one years after their study and 50.74 percent for six months or less. 

Among the paid employed youths, the highest 55.45 percent Master degree holders were found in jobs, followed by 42.49 percent graduates, and the job rate was found 28.3 percent among HSC passed youths and 36.76 percent among SSC passed youths.  

Interestingly, the number of youths drawing a monthly salary of Tk10,000 to Tk20,000 was found the highest at 44 percent among those passed SSC while it was the lowest at 21.44 percent among the Master degree holders.