Increase vigilance against gold smuggling

5 December, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Bangladesh is at the crossroads between India and Southeast Asia. We have a long border with India, which has the finest workmanship for gold jewelleries in the entire world. Therefore, it is natural that those involved in the business of gold jewellery will try to smuggle raw gold in and finished gold jewellery out of India without paying duties at the port of entries there.

The long porous boundary between Bangladesh and India is heaven sent for smugglers who thrive on smuggling goods between these two friendly neighbours. Many are involved in smuggling gold due to its huge profit. But the governments of both the countries lose huge potential earnings from import and export tariffs, due to the rampant smuggling of gold and other goods. 

We appreciate the tough job Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is doing in controlling smugglings in the area. Smugglers keep using more new and extreme methods for evading detection from law enforcers and customs officials at various airports or land ports in the country.

The creativity of smugglers is amazing! They mould the gold into shapes like electronic spare parts and replace original parts with the fake ones made of gold.  But the most shocking method is body concealment which is regarded by the smugglers as the safest to avoid detection. But it is the most risky, painful and dangerous for the carriers. Gold biscuits or bars are smuggled by hiding them in body cavities of carriers, such as rectum, intestine and vagina, known as body packing.

Although, from time to time, law enforcers and customs officials recover smuggled gold and arrest some carriers, but the real smugglers always remain behind the scene. According to investigation officials, smuggled gold reaches destination by changing several hands. As a result, most carriers know little about the source and destination of the gold except his contacts at both ends of the delivery system.

Obviously, the volume of smuggled gold is much more than that seized by law enforcers and customs officials. However, due to tight security and monitoring by BGB, smuggling gold is harder through land ports now. So, smugglers are trying different techniques to smuggle gold. We hope that law enforcers will remain vigilant against smugglers who get rich by cheating the government of tariffs and duties.