Mr & Miss Photogenic 2019 The hunt is on

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

18 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Mr & Miss Photogenic 2019 The hunt is on

‘Mr & Miss Photogenic’ is a unique event to discover the perfect beauty over the lens. The idea was conceptualized by Walli Ahmed Chowdhury of Wallis Associates. “Everywhere we look, they are mostly the same faces of the prominent and promising models. I felt it is about time we introduce new looks as well as new talents to the scene that will change the fashion panorama.” Beauty is the main criteria; however emphasis is put upon skills, knowledge and talent as well. “We are looking for handsome and beautiful faces that are fit for the billboard, ads and other promotional activities. Yet, talent and education are of paramount importance. We do not seek simply beautiful faces without any talents or good educational backgrounds. He or she should also be one with good communication skills.” ‘Mr. and Miss Photogenic 2019’ are jointly presented by Wallis Associates and CMUD Events.

Countless participants from Dhaka and outside turned up, of which 50 were selected. From that 50, final 25 were selected from the 3-day long audition round. Of these, the top 14 will be picked up by grooming after re-selection, which will include 7 young boys and 7 young girls. These contestants are extremely lucky as eminent media personalities have taken the core responsibility to judge them and also help them with grooming.

Super model Ruma, for example, is teaching the contestants how to do a proper catwalk and how to carry themselves. RJ Nirob is teaching them effective communication skills. Other renowned personalities in the judges’ panel include model and actress Tamalika Karmakar, model and choreographer Bulbul Tumpa, dance director Ivan Shahriar Sohag and actor Imtu Ratish. Afroza Parveen, owner and CEO of RED Beauty Parlour, is the beauty expert. Popular model and dancer Barish Haque was the anchor of the program. The grooming sessions began on November 7, Friday. All the contestants are very fortunate since learning from these pros itself is a great reward.

Other partners who are a part of the whole arrangement are Groove, a renowned lifestyle magazine (media partner), Daily Mail 24, City FM 96.00 (radio partner), Apurba Dance School (dance grooming partner), Red Beauty Parlour (beauty partner), Fahim Hossain (photography partner), Saima’s creations (Outfits partner), Fraulen fashion ltd, Smartex and Eskay (decoration partner). The food partner is ‘Biye Bari’.

The final round of ‘Mr & Miss Photogenic 2019’ is expected to be held in December. The preparation for the final round is going on in full swing.