Seeking Peace

Md. Arshed Ali

7 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

I feel stifled in the stuffy world I live,

Inflicted with all atrocious perfidies I become sick,

My flickering hopes drive me to stand with a stick.

Drinking all pains,

The sparkling pearls I wish to sieve.


A variety of dealings with different people soaks up my law,

Let the world run through its own windy meadow,

I wish to get shrouded with heavenly shadow.

I go on gleaning the divine grace repenting the flaw.


My prayer for the peace of the world I seek,

Though all affairs go against the law of nature,

My roles to play in favour of human feature.

Through my tiny bower I see things with a peek.


Following the sacred rules, we can revive the peace,

With wanton negligence we deviate from the just way,

Nature gets furious to take us under her sway.

Falling in predicament, the lofty dreams we miss.


(The writer is lecturer in English at Bheramara Govt. Mahila College, Bheramara, Kushtia.)