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Dashing Denim

Rajib Kanti Roy

21 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Dashing Denim

A quality pair of jeans is one of those crucial wardrobe must-haves for every modern man. It’s classy, effortless and eternally cool.


Traversing all social and economic divides, it has created an appeal among those hard-working guys. To guide you in your search for the next ultimate pair, we have put together a denim guide.


What style of jeans should you wear?


Unfortunately, the immense popularity of denim doesn’t make it any easier to find the perfect pair - in fact, the crowded landscape can make it rather difficult to see the wood for the trees. For starters, understanding fit and cut is essential to help discern what is best suited to your body type. Ideally comfortable without impinging on style and silhouette, denim should always mould to your body and show traces of individual style.


Slim leg jeans


Possibly the most versatile fit, the slim leg jeans is flattering on heavier thighs as the tapered ankle works to elongate and slim the silhouette. It’s also recommended to err on the side of a true fit when buying slim leg jeans, a snug waistband fit being paramount to guarantee long-term comfort when you start to experience some stretch in the fabric.


Skinny fit jeans


Narrowly-cut and close fitting with a healthy amount of stretch, skinny fit jeans are best suited to lithe model types with slim legs and height. No matter your build, skinny fit jeans should never be completely skin tight – you will go for a rockstar look, not body paint.


Straight leg jeans


The straight leg is a traditional and classic choice. Most often cut straight from hips down the legs with little tapering, straight leg jeans look best on athletic guys - a generous shoulder-to-hip ratio working to counteract the bagginess of the cut. In casual setting, slim gents can also pull off the straight leg.


Tapered jeans


For a softer take on the straight leg cut, tapered jeans do just what the name suggests: skirting the line between a slim leg and straight leg jeans. A slight taper is what you’re after here, skimming the leg and fitting, especially around the thighs and calves. More flattering than the skinny fit, but more sculpted than the straight leg, tapered leg jeans achieve a ‘footballer’ aesthetic with a comfortable seat and streamlined calves and ankles.

One of the best characteristics of jeans is the fact that there are so many styles to choose from. You need to pick jeans that will suit the kind of physical endurance you are going to pursue throughout the day. A formal event should reveal a more refined side of you, and your jeans should help complement that. On the other hand, if the occasion is something casual like grocery shopping or walking in the park, then it’s the other way around with comfortable straight jeans being the preferred one. So, choose your pair of denim according to your necessity and occasions.