Treat transgender people as equal

17 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A human being can be an icon amidst many in society if he is nurtured properly. The surrounding environment plays a vital role in shaping up the course of action and interaction with changing circumstances throughout the journey of life and determines one's achievements and failures. When one faces odds that most others do not, it is sure to cut short the ability to overcome unfavourable situation on the way to a successful life.   

When a child gets the company of parents and others in a family, a transgender is normally thrown out of the family boundary. As one with biological differences, transgender people are made outcasts in our society deprived of parental affection and love. They do not know why they are faced with this inhuman apathy and do not even realise what is the reason of this traumatic deprivation.

The transgender community in the country goes through a sea of discriminatory practices and norms and suffers from subjugation which is a barrier to their success in life. However, some are born to win the odds and become the torch-bearer of a progressive trend in society. Sadia Akter Pinky, a transgender person, has overcome the taboo of the community and has finally been elected vice-chairman of the Kotchandpur Upazila Parishad in Jhenaidah.

The government and some non-governmental organisations continue to implement various programmes to remove various disparities against the unprivileged community and involve them in the mainstream development spree. Bangladesh recognised transgender people as a separate gender or the third sex in 2013 and, in line with this initiative, the Election Commission approved their voting rights. The member of the community now can elect peoples' representative and be elected as one.

It is a delight to see the Sadia has been serving as convenor of the Kotchandpur Upazila's women's wing of the ruling party. And during the voting campaign, Sadia did not face any hatred or discriminatory remark or ill-treatment from the party activists or the people in the constituency.

Surely, those who cooperated, supported and voted her to win deserve an accolade for supporting one of the transgender members that are widely discriminated in society. They have set an example for all to learn and it will help integrate transgender persons in the country's development endeavour.