Reducing breast cancer prevalence

12 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The number of deaths of women from breast cancer can be reduced drastically, if not eradicated completely, by raising awareness about the disease, early detection and timely treatment. Awareness about the complication is the key to the next two measures because for lack of it neither detection nor treatment is possible. That is why discussants at a roundtable marking the 7th Breast Cancer Awareness Day put emphasis on increasing awareness about the disease across the country and also asked the government to do its best to halt the rise of cancer. 

The death rate of breast cancer patients in the country is quite high. Almost half of the patients die every year. According to a report of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, some 13 thousand women fall prey to the disease in the country annually; almost half of them die. The global scenario is also alarming; more than two million women suffer from the disease worldwide. 

However, the discussion naturally revolved round women’s breast cancer because of its high prevalence among females but it said nothing about men’s breast cancer. Though the prevalence of the disease is less than one per cent in men, it should not remain out of awareness raising campaigns.

One needs to know about the symptoms of the disease and its quick remedies. However, awareness campaigns about a disease is unlikely to produce results unless these two important aspects are dealt with due importance. There may be certain natural factors that may not be avoidable completely but their severity can surely be reduced given the latest development of the medical science. But certain factors can definitely be avoided. Though mothers’ milk is a right of the infants, a segment of women are not fully conscious about the benefits of breast feeding for the babies, and also for lactating mothers. Breast feeding reduces the chance of breast cancer.

Producing milk and feeding babies is a natural phenomenon for the mammals. Going against this natural course will have adverse consequences including cancerous growth in women’s breasts. The necessity and health benefit of breast feeding should therefore be included in awareness raising campaigns. Women must play a leading role in such campaigns.