Making The Childhood More Magical

Morhsedul Alam Mohabat

10 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Making The Childhood More Magical

There are so many of us who have many specific childhood memories. Sometimes they were big trips and amazing adventures, and sometimes those childhood memories were related to our family. Either way, we all have them – days that we will never forget and are etched in our memory! People who are already parents can also try to create such situations so that your child can remember those moments when they will grow up. Here are some options:


Say ‘yes’ sometimes

It sounds easy and it really is. Are you reluctant to play ‘hide and seek’ with your son? You may come up with excuses such as ‘I have to peel the vegetables’ and ‘I need to finish this email’.  Stop doing this and say ‘yes’.  Hide behind the pantry door so that you can eat while you wait to be found. It will bring a smile to their face.


Go tadpoling

Yes, you have read it right - tadpoling. Honestly it’s one of the easiest activities. All you need is a net and a bucket. Turn it into an educational activity. Watch their faces light up in wonder as they learn where frogs come from.


Turn the drawing room into a cushion pit

Let the kids get every pillow and blanket in the house. Yep I know, it might make you feel ill at the thought of putting it all back. But trust me it’s worth it. Pile everything on top of each other on the floor and then pile the cushions around the edge. It will turn into a perfect spot to enjoy family movies, board games or even a story! It really does add an extra element of fun to a usually mundane activity.


Decorate rocks and play ‘hide and seek’

If you haven’t heard about this craze, then you really have been hiding under a rock. It’s the ultimate game of ‘hide and seek’. It lets the kids unleash their creativity, learn about giving and taking, encourages outdoor time away from screens and fills their day with a little wonder and magic. What could be better than that? Yep, it’s messy and it means you need to give them your undivided attention. But you’ll have fun! And the best thing is that once you’ve painted them, you then have to go and hide them which creates another opportunity to create some magic together. 


Go for an outing

Children feel bored if they are kept within the walls always. They need some refreshment as well. That’s why it’s important that you take them out for some recreational activities on a regular basis. Such outing will create some wonderful moments for the children to be cherished over the years.   


Take them out for a morning walk

It’s a good habit to walk in the morning. You can use this habit for other purposes as well. For instance- while you go out for a walk in the morning take your kids along with you. While you walk with them share your ideas with them and let then share their ones as well with you. This way you will be able to build a better relationship with your children. 

Well, it’s very important to spend a considerable amount of time with your kids so that they feel close to you. Once they grow up it’s those memories which they will cherish and care for.