Keep Rohingyas out of voter list

22 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The Chief Election Commissioner hit the nail on the head when he asked his officials to ensure that none of the Myanmar citizen Rohingyas become Bangladeshi voter. He told them to be cautious against entry of any of the Rohingyas into the voter list. The CEC instructed the EC officers in this regard while he was addressing the Third Annual General Meeting of Bangladesh Election Commission Officers’ Association at the EC office in the capital’s Agargaon on Friday. Such a time befitting instruction is of utmost importance when those foreign nationals are making desperate efforts to show themselves as citizens of the country either through procuring Bangladeshi passports or sneaking into the voter list.

It is known to all under what condition Bangladesh opened the border with its eastern neighbour to allow Rohingyas into our territory and gave them shelters purely on humanitarian consideration. But by now, much to our anxiety, these Myanmar citizens are not only a big economic and social burden on the country but also a security threat.

Many of the Rohingyas are involved in criminal activities like drug business and militancy. Some fanatic organisations and NGOs are reportedly instigating Rohingyas to resort to radicalism. On the other hand, some syndicates in active connivance with a section of corrupt government officials and powerful coteries are also engaged in the illegal pursuit of procuring for them Bangladeshi passports or voter ID cards in exchange of huge money.

It is to be noted that many of the Rohingyas have already made their way to foreign countries with Bangladeshi passports. They are engaged in criminal and unlawful activities in those countries and tarnishing the image of Bangladesh. Getting names into the voter list is just the initial step of the Rohingyas towards the distant goal of collecting Bangladeshi passports and going to other countries using this country as a springboard. Herein lies the importance of frustrating their efforts to enlist themselves in our voter list. This ill-pursuit must be stopped right at the moment.