Casinos: Offshoots of uncontrollable greed

21 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

It is simply flabbergasting that so many casinos were being run in the capital over such a long period of time without any intervention from any quarter, including the law enforcement agencies. Reports say that the police are now making a list of these gambling and drug dealing centres. So, it cannot be said for sure that the number of the casinos is limited to 60; the actual number may be higher. And if opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) stalwarts had established them whenever they were in power, then those are being run at least over a period of 12 to 15 years. Then why those are being raided just now, and not anytime before?

It is proved again that ill-gotten wealth, drug and crimes in myriad forms including possession of illegal arms go hand in hand. The casinos had been the centres of all these criminal activities together. Interestingly, most of those crime centres were being run by none other than influential political coteries – it is immaterial which party or parties they belong to. Unrestricted powers in the hands of certain powerful quarters lead to the criminalisation of the individuals involved and growth of monsters that vitiate the social environment at large.

Police actions against these criminals and crime centres are no doubt necessary as immediate measures. But those are far from removing the root causes, at least from producing lasting results. Political parties should seriously think over why some of their activists turn into demons of gigantic proportion. Is the mushrooming of casinos a result of criminalisation of society or it is leading to the criminalisation of society? Whatever be the relationship, it is extremely harmful for the society, especially for the younger generation. Stakeholders need to put their heads together to find ways and means to stop this highly decaying process.

High moral standard and uncontrollable quest for money and matter are inversely proportional – while one grows, the other diminishes. For obvious reasons, greed for wealth has given rise to a throat cutting competition among the contenders in society. Any means is acceptable to them if it brings them what they hanker after. Sharp rise of casinos and characteristic criminal activities are the inevitable consequences of this corrosive mental growth.