Protect overseas job seekers

19 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Unauthorised travel agencies and their brokers have set forth traps across the country to hunt for overseas jobseekers. The glaring incongruity of the jobseekers is that they mostly do not know the ABC of how to choose the right agency or if it was offering legal jobs abroad.

Most job seekers collect money from various sources and when they are cheated their lives plunge into uncertainties. But, for many, deceiving the less-educated jobseekers for making a quick buck is a lucrative business.

The incidents are frequently reported in the media and in recent months many perished in the high sea near Europe. Some were left in deserts or in deep forests only to die a slow death. A large number of them have made it only to the missing list.

Accomplices of these criminals are active in the country. Trafficking agents in the guise of recruiters are engaged in collecting jobseekers in the country. Though it is hard to believe, a section of travel agents who are supposed to offer tour packages and services related to travelling, are found involved in the so-called recruitment business. Disguised as travel agents they deceive young people easily. 

Travel agents cannot get involved in recruiting business without any licence from the regulatory authorities as a recruiter. But, a good number of notorious tour agencies in the capital are found sending jobseekers abroad. As alleged, the false recruiters collect a handsome amount of money by luring young men of attractive foreign jobs but, in reality, neither they do that nor return the money. Even if the jobseekers are sent abroad at a stage, the criminals hand over them to notorious international trafficking agents in exchange for money.

It is not at all acceptable that the deceptive travel agencies even dare to advertise in various national dailies offering to send workers abroad with legal papers. The elite Rapid Action Battalion has recently identified some of these illegal travel agents and arrested many in this connection. There is no alternative to bringing the trafficking agents operating in the guise of travel agents to justice. A foolproof system must be enforced to keep the recruiting sector free from such thugs.