Poultry birds rearing bring smiles to Rajshahi marginalised women

15 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Poultry birds rearing bring smiles to Rajshahi marginalised women

RAJSHAHI: More than 10,000 poor and marginalised women have driven out their poverty and hunger through rearing of poultry birds specially chicken in the region including its vast Barind tract.

At present, the birds rearing is being adjudged as an effective means of boosting the level of confidence of the grassroots women through making them self-reliant, said Abdul Matin, Chairman of Panchandar Union Parishad, under Tanore Upazila, reports BSS.

He said chicken rearing enterprise needs low investment cost and all the family members can support to rear the birds easily. After the best uses of these opportunities, the beneficiary women are gradually expanding the farming.

Matin said various government and non-government entities concerned are working for improving living and livelihood condition of the village-level women through various income-generation activities including chicken rearing.

He said the community-level poultry farming has been playing pivotal role towards meeting up the protein demands side by side with elevating socio-economic condition.

Monwara Khatun, 43, wife of Farid Ali, who is a rickshaw-puller, is now at the threshold of eradicating her long-lasting poverty through household-based chicken rearing through modern method.

Khatun, mother of two daughters and a son and a resident of Maligachha village under Godagari Upazila of the district, embarked on the mission of achieving self reliance early 2015.

At the preliminary stage, she received training on chicken rearing along with its proper feeding, vaccination and marketing by a group of Local Service Providers LSPs).

In the current year, she earned Taka 2,500 after selling eggs and chicken. She told the agency that both demand and market price of native chicken variety is higher than that of others.

After becoming a part of her 25-member local cooperative society, Monwara enjoys some extra privileges of poultry rearing and marketing.

Like her, many other households of the poverty- stricken community are involved in the poultry rearing activities.

Murad Hossain, local community leader, said all the organised members are very much optimistic about improving their living and livelihood condition through the poultry rearing value chain.

The households have acquired knowledge on how to promote the community business after the best uses of the local resources and services.

The LSPs have good collaboration and linkage with line departments and private companies as they establish functional linkage with product based traders, pickers and private companies.

Deputy Director of Department of Livestock Services Kolyan Kumar Fouzder told the agency that many of the rural households have now become involved in chicken rearing commercially through various GO-NGO level interventions which is a good sign for eradicating rural poverty.

Various public institutions and agencies provide extension services to the LSPs, who earn on an average Taka 1500 per month.

In practice, they disseminate different modern technology to the producers through arranging community meeting within the working households.