Divorce rate marks a sharp rise in Khulna

3 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

KHULNA: The Khulna City Corporation (KCC) recorded some 14,088 cases of divorce in nine and a half years till July last, showing a sharp rise in marriage termination.

The degradation of family bonds and values, lack of social accountability, high ambition, women empowerment and their independence, polygamy, extramarital affairs, impact of the western culture, and physical and mental torture on women are major reasons behind the increasing divorces, say experts, reports UNB.

Of the total divorces, 1020 were recorded till July in 2019 while 1719 in 2018, 1595 in 2017, 1487 in 2016, 1404 in 2015, 1489 in 2014, 1254 in 2013, 1181 in 2012, 1074 in 2011, 933 in 2010 and 932 divorces took place in 2009, said KCC Secretary Azmul Haque.

Seven out of 10 divorce notices came from women, he said.

Asia Begum, who divorced her husband seven years ago, said her family married her off to a college teacher. But she had to choose the path of separation after having failed to cope with husband’s ‘abnormal’ behaviour.

Although seven years have elapsed since the divorce, she did not go for the second marriage and is now working at a private organisation in Dhaka.

Asia also admitted that she is passing her days in utter frustration although she is doing a job.

On condition of anonymity, a primary schoolteacher said she married a man of her choice. “He used to suspect me and interfere in my personal matters. I couldn’t endure this attitude. So, I divorced him.”

Prokash Chandra Adhikary, an assistant professor at Khulna Govt Sundarban Ideal College and psycho analyst, said the incidents of divorce are on the rise due to family and social detachment, moral degradation, lack of social responsibility, high ambition of both men and women, western culture, indifference to family bondage and lack of mentality to compromise.

He said women have now become more self-reliant in many areas, and their self-dignity and independence have increased to a great extent.

In case of any family problem, they quickly choose the path of divorce, the expert said.

He also said the divorce hampers the mental growth of the children of a separated couple.

Prokash Chandra underscored the need for giving value to the family bondage, respects and trust for each other among couples, playing one’s due role in the family, upholding the Bengali culture and refraining from embracing the sky culture to prevent divorce.