Busy With Easy Things!

Nabila Akter Reya

22 August, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Busy With Easy Things!

“Hey, how is everything going?” “Hmm,,, busy, just so busy. I’ve got so much going on right now. I am just busy doing all of the things, going to all the places and getting the stuff done.”

Most of the people often involve in such conversation. People nowadays find themselves in a phase of human evolution where they think that in order to “be in the world,” they have to be “constantly busy.” It seems they have adopted ‘a culture of being busy’ that is perpetuating a constant anxiety amongst today’s generation. It has become a norm to think that “the more they do, the more worthy they will be.” Are people thinking in this way suffering from a social disease? The answer, according to various social studies that have been conducted, is ‘yes’!

This disease of ‘constantly being busy’ is basically very destructive for our health and overall well-being. It weakens people’s ability to focus on important things and separates them from the community. But why do people pretend to be busy?

The fact is that ‘being busy’ is an easy option. People are busy because they don’t make the tough choices. They allow the world to set out agenda, rather than think for themselves. It’s easier to simply react than making difficult decisions and “un-choose” things. In fact, as Ben Hunnicutt, professor of leisure studies at the University of Iowa, explains, ‘being too busy’ is actually one of the seven deadly sins; it is slothfulness. Meanwhile it is often observed that in the heat of the moment, when people have to choose between easy work and hard work - between skimming through email or grappling with a complex project, more often they choose the easy one which will keep them busy. People throw themselves into frenetic activity and give the perfect excuse for not doing something big and significant.


Meanwhile many people are there who pretend to be busy just to show off that they are important. They do more things (which are less important), and so they get busy. Their attention narrows and so they lose the perspective needed to make good choices. And as they get better at juggling more, their attention gets scattered and diffuse, meaning that they forget to appreciate anything.


Why is being too busy a waste of time?

A man who brags about his/her busy life is nothing more than a mediocre. In most cases they can never accomplish anything great or leave a legacy behind them. These types of people tend to brag about busyness because nothing else in their lives is worth talking about. Being busy does not always lead to achievement or fulfillment. It leads to the opposite sometimes. Busyness prevents achievement and fulfillment. If a person is so busy that he or she doesn’t have time to breathe, it means they are just wasting their life. They will never get anywhere in life without taking time for themselves, without taking time to sit down, look ahead, and see where they are going. Busy people don’t make things happen. Things just happen to them. Life just happens to them. Effectiveness should be every person’s goal, not busyness.


The problem is that being busy feels good. The human brain loves to feel busy. Do you know everyone gets a dopamine rush (dopamine rush gives us a feeling of euphoria when released) every time they cross off an item from their to-do list? It doesn’t matter if the item they are crossing off is important or not, they still get a rush. On top of this, busyness is a drug and the only way to overcome it is to analyze the results. What’s the result of what they’re doing? What’s the outcome? Is there any value in spending the next 8 hours on some project their boss wants them to do or 4 hours at some event that their family or friends want them to go to? Will either of these things bring a person closer to their goals? If the answer is ‘no’, then the person should say “no.” People only have a set amount of mental energy to spend each day, so it is better if you start protecting it. Everyone has works to do. The key is dividing up these works into discrete units of time.


To all the busy people out there – divide your day into short bursts of extremely focused, result-oriented activities and batch these activities together as much as possible. Stop feeling obligated to attend every event. Stop feeling guilty for saying “no” to other people. Stop thinking about the dopamine rush. Instead, start chasing results and living a life that will take you closer to your real goals. Stop being busy all the time. Make some time for yourself and enjoy life!