Monday, 4 July, 2022

BAEC develops method to control Aedes mosquitoes

BAEC develops method to control Aedes mosquitoes

Scientists of Insect Biotechnology Division of Institute of Food and Radiation Biology of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, BAEC, have developed an effective method of controlling aedes mosquitoes which transmits dengue virus, reports BSS.

Science and Technology Minister Architect Yeafesh Osman on Saturday visited the laboratory at Savar to monitor the various technical aspects of the method, said a press release. Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) Chairman Mahbubul Haque and Director General of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment Dr M Azizul Haque were present on the occasion, among others.

During the visit, the minister expressed his satisfaction over the inventions and ordered that the procedure be taken at the field level soon.  The minister assured all kinds of cooperation on behalf of the ministry. Scientists informed the minister that research activities on the application of Sterile Insect Techniques (SIT) method to eradicate dengue have already been completed.

In the SIT method, male aedes mosquitoes are sterilized by applying gamma rays. If the mosquito is exposed to dengue outbreaks, it will meet with the existing female aedes mosquito in nature so that no larvae can be matured, according to the release. As the larvae are not fertilized, the number of mosquitoes starts to decrease.