Stop smuggling to save economy | 2019-07-16

Stop smuggling to save economy

16 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

We are appalled by the news of our national carrier Biman staffs being involved in gold smuggling. But we shouldn’t be so surprised with this information, as similar cases were carried by the media in the past.  It is high time to stop such illegal activities immediately. The authorities must become more vigilant and put a stop to the racketeers. It is not enough to arrest the small fries only; we hope that the law enforcers will succeed in catching the kingpins of these smuggling rackets.

Smuggling is harmful for the country’s economy; it deprives the government of taxes and excise duties which are needed for the smooth running of state machineries. None but the few involved with the illegal activity benefits from it. Above all, smuggling money often goes into financing anti-state elements like terrorists, hoodlums, gangsters, etc. who hamper our progress and development by creating anarchy in the country.

Sometimes the poor section of the society gets embroiled in smuggling, as they are used by dons and kingpins of the underworld, sometimes due to greed but more often out of need for some instant cash. They often become tools in the evil hands, lacking the depth of understanding or education to realise the long-term impact of such illegal activities on the economy of the country.

To strengthen the moral quality of employees, Biman can hold motivational programmes for the lower ranking Biman employees to enable them to overcome greed and short-lived gains. In fact, there is a requirement to improve the moral fabric of the entire society. Such motivational teachings can be part of our schooling, to become entrenched in the hearts and minds of all our countrymen.

The customs officials who unearthed the gold smuggling activities must be appreciated for their patriotic service to the country. Although they are just performing their duties, but we must recognise that their work carries risk of threats and physical harm from those involved in such crimes.