Saif upset Sheikh Jamal | 2019-07-16

Saif upset Sheikh Jamal

Sports Correspondent

16 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Saif Sporting Club Ltd upset Lt Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club Ltd by 3-2 goals in their Bangladesh Premier League Fixture at Rafiq Uddin Bhuiyan Stadium on Monday.

The match started in a blaze as Saif Sporting Club’s forward Alessandro Celin scored a goal as early as 3rd minute of the match for his team. This goal shook Sheikh Jamal as they were not expecting that Saif Sporting Club would start the match at a speedy pace.  Even though Sheikh Jamal were stunned with the early goal they pulled themselves back into their form to continue the match. The early goal by Saif Sporting Club boosted the confidence for their team. They further doubled their goal as the Saif’s midfielder Deiner Cordoba netted a goal at the 30th minute of the match.

In the first half of the match Saif Sporting Club took the lead with 2-0 goals against Lt Sheikh Jamal. But that did not stop Sheikh Jamal to stop playing their game.

The final half of the match started and Sheikh Jamal was determined enough to score some goals against Saif Sporting Club. Sheikh Jamal got back on the game as their forward Mohammed Shakawat Rony lift up their spirits as he netted a goal at 56th minute of the game. This gave Sheikh Jamal a room to breathe. Mohammed Shakawat Rony still was giving a ray of hope for his team. He kept pushing himself and with his hard efforts he scored another brilliant goal at the 58th minute of the game. Only within two minutes of his last goal. With the last goal Sheikh Jamal regained their fighting spirit. Sheikh Jamal and Saif Sporting Club were at a tie with 2-2 goals.

Sheikh Jamal were playing at their best to break the tie and score a goal for themselves to win the match. But Saif Sporting Club was not intimidated by them as Saif’s forward Mohammad Rahem Uddin scored the winning goal for his team at 73rd minute of the match.

The match ended with Sheikh Jamal losing to Saif Sporting Club by 2-3 goals, even with their utmost efforts Sheikh Jamal were not able to score the last goal.