Israeli troops kill Palestinian on Gaza border | 2019-07-12

Israeli troops kill Palestinian on Gaza border

12 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

GAZA: Israel’s military said soldiers opened fire on Thursday after spotting two Palestinian gunmen near the Gaza border fence, and the Hamas militant group said one of its fighters was killed, reports Reuters.

The last round of violence in the Gaza Strip and neighboring southern Israel was in May, with hundreds of Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli air strikes over three days.

The health ministry in Gaza, an enclave run by Hamas Islamists, said a 28-year-old Palestinian was shot and killed in Thursday’s incident near Beit Hanoun in the northern part of the territory.

An Israeli military spokesman said troops observed two gunmen approaching the Israeli-built security fence and “fired in order to drive them away”.

In a statement, Hamas’s armed wing said Israeli forces deliberately targeted a fighter “on duty” near the border.

“The occupation bears responsibility for the consequences of such a criminal act,” it said, referring to Israel.

After May’s fighting, there was a ceasefire brokered by Qatar, Egypt and the United Nations.

But tensions have remained high, with Hamas accusing Israel of failing to abide by the terms - never publicly confirmed by Israeli leaders - of a truce deal to ease a blockade of Gaza.