Tale of a struggling mother

7 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Tale of a struggling mother

Mother is the word which is the combination of love, aspiration, a best friend and a great example of patience for me. My mother started her journey with a great smile on 31 December 1964. From the very beginning of her life, she was a child with the quality of leadership, patience and personal integrity. She was so much committed to everything in her life that she got the scholarship in class five. With the elapse of time, she faced many ups and downs in her life, but instead of breaking down she was much focused on her study and completed her education.

Then the turn to get her life into another stage came where she was going to meet her dream person with whom she was going to pass her entire life. But no, that was not going to be that simple because our society is here again to stop their marriage. It might have been happening due to their love for each other. Still, I am confused, whenever I try to ask her about this, always with high creativity, she avoids this question.

Finally, with great struggle, she started another part of her life with her dream person. Time passed in a blink of an eye and this cute couple had their sweet little princess and after their princess, they had two little princes. Over time, she was engaged in raising her three children with great passion. She is a great mother with her exceptional artistic way in raising her children creatively.

But as the rule of nature, the blazing sun also has to set. Even in the quality of human life, there is a kind of circle of wrong time. And according to this harsh reality of human life, the story of this mother was changed and her good days came to an end. At the end of 2008, her king was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was just the beginning of another part of her life, but she is the lady who has passed all the exams with great patience. She started to keep herself busy to take care of her king.

At this point, she proved to herself that loving touch of a wife can give strength to even a dying husband. Her love affection and dedication was like a shadow for her king and after a lot of effort, she lost her king on 11 November 2011. Even at the end of this struggling journey the war against the harsh reality of life is not over yet. Now she had to play the role of both father and mother for her three children with lots of new challenges.

Till now she was unknown to the fact of the outer world, but now she had to fight for her children’s sake. She had to compete with the financial crisis. At this point, she proved herself as a warrior who took the oath to keep her existence at any situation whether there is a situation of scarcity of living place or fighting against the so-called well-wishers who were so much available during the proper time.

Eventually she was reaching the shore but life again with new challenges to meet with her as she got sick with a chronic kidney disease. Her kidney got irrevocably damaged in 2016 and she was put on dialysis twice a week. And the irony of the fate is that she lost one of her eyes to a swift surgery of a doctor without taking precaution. She is now suffering a lot due to eye pain.

I must say she is a lady who has multidimensional quality; she is a great daughter, a great wife, a great mother. She is an example of patience. She is suffering a lot as she was not born blind. But still, she is facing everything with a smile.


(This write up is dedicated to my mother, Syeda Motahera Begum)

Samiul Azim, a student of law, North South University