Yoga asanas that help to manage breathing problem

22 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Yoga is known to keep our mind and body healthy. Exercise is a good way to help combat asthma, but many a time, the patient’s lungs are weak and find it difficult to exercise. This is where yoga comes to rescue. With a myriad of gentle stretches and poses, yoga is the perfect form of exercise for those who’ve got asthma issues. Not only does it promote overall fitness and well being, yoga can help heal the lungs and increase its intake of oxygen.

Adhyam Pranayama:

This yoga pose is very beneficial for breathing problem. Although, this pranayam works on the whole body, but it is mostly effective on upper limb and chest part of our body. This yoga pose helps in maximum inhalation of oxygen in our lungs, which means when you will inhale, your chest will rise and your shoulders will be in relaxed state. The air passes to the uppermost part of our lungs reaching to the upper lobes of our body.

Purna Maha Mudra:

This asana enhances the breathing capacity of an individual. As the name explains Maha Mudra is a great mudra posture, which helps in proper channelizing or directing of the vital energy that regulates the flow of our prana. It is a very high technique yoga pose and hence should be done under proper guidance.

Balasana Pose:

The Sanskrit word for child is Bala – hence it is also known as child’s yoga pose. A very powerful yoga pose for beginners, where the individual has to sit on his knees in a way that it touches his buttocks with the heel. Put your hands on your thigh and bend forward towards the gravity. It’s a simple yoga pose that helps in curing many health issues like breathing, constipation, spinal etc.


In yoga, there are different yoga asanas to improve your breathing technique, which are deep breathing, abdominal breathing, clavicular and intercostal breathing. To perform these breathing techniques there are three different types of breathing exercises such as Shasha Asana, Purna Shasha Asana, Paripurna Shasha Asana.

Regularly practising yoga for even 21 minutes a day can go a long way in giving relief to even chronic Asthma!     —Times of India