‘Speed up implementation of agricultural projects’

Staff Correspondent

21 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Agriculture Minister Dr Abdur Razzaque on Thursday directed the officials concerned to speed up the implementation of agricultural projects.

He said, “It is being noticed, our agricultural related projects are moving in slow pace. The project of building eight silos was taken in 2010 which was supposed to be ended. But construction work of only three silos is started while there have no whereabouts of the rest of projects.”

If these silos could have been constructed, this time we could have reserved much more paddy, he also said.

He came up with the comments talking at a meeting in the secretariat.  

The minister also said, “Officials of agricultural ministry attends meeting and seminars in different countries of the world but unfortunately we don’t see any reflection of the attained knowledge from the programmes.

If anyone has to go abroad for attending seminars, he hast to apply the knowledge that he gained from the seminars. For who has been working at the desk, we have to strengthen the vigilance on the files movement. So that without any reason, no file is kept in vain, he added.

He said, “We have been fish out of water condition with the paddy price issue. To get rid of it, we have decided to export the rice.  Only making decision will not work, we have to take this in the international market.

Commerce ministry is working in this regard. Meanwhile, we are negotiating with Philippine of importing 3-4 lakh tones which is good news for us.  The officials have to show more activism, he also added.

Representatives of Bangladesh Agricultural Development, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council, Bangladesh Institute of Research and Training on Applied Nutrition, Department of Agricultural Extension, department of agricultural marketing among other were present in the meeting.