Free port city from waterlogging

17 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Monsoon rains was welcomed as it soaked and cooled most parts of Bangladesh on Saturday, but it also brought miseries to many due to water logging. We reported the worst from the poet city of Chattogram where residents had to wade through Knee to waist-deep water after a downpour for only as little as 30 minutes.

The met office forecast for rains more than the average amount in this rainy season, and hence it means residents of Chottogram will unfortunately have to suffer throughout the Monsoon season unless the authorities concerned do the needful urgently.

Commuters were the worst victims of the waterlogging as the movement of traffic came to a halt. Public transports charge higher fare than usual for compensating the loss of trips due to inundated roads. Commuters sometimes fall down on the water as rickshaws at time lose control due to potholes underneath the rainwater. The sufferings of the residents of the low-lying areas in the city cannot be explained in words as they literally become imprisoned in their own homes and children miss their schools.

We fail to understand why after the completion of a mega project involving a massive Tk 5,616 crore under the initiative of the Chattogram Development Authority in cooperation with some other organisations the problem still persists in the port city.

Waterlogging is a major public nuisance not only in Chattogram but also in the capital. Though road digging is supposed to end by the dry season, with the rainy season already set in, we find many roads in the city are still being dug. This haphazard and unplanned road digging is sure to aggravate the sufferings of the people.

The metro rail project is progressing in full swing along a long stretch of the city’s busiest road network and digging in the adjacent areas will block the drainage of rainwater. Also, the project for reconstruction of drains and roads in a vast area of the city also remains.

The government is implementing a gigantic project for reconstructing the drainage network of the port city aimed at ending the curse of waterlogging. It is desirable that all the development activities will be done in such a way that does not add to the existing sufferings.