Opposition lawmakers blame govt for poor budget implementation

Special Correspondent

17 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Opposition lawmakers on Sunday blamed the government for poor implementation of the budget while the treasury bench hailed the government for carrying out massive development activities and making the country self-reliant in food.

Speaking on the supplementary budget for 2018-2019, the main opposition Jatiya Party lawmaker Fakhrul Imam raised question over the poor implementation of budget since 2012-2013.

“The budget implementation rate was 78 percent in 2018-2019 while 63 percent in 2017-2018. But the implementation rate was 82 percent in 2012-2013,” he told the House with Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury in the chair.

“Banks are empty while the businessmen are not getting the loan,” he said.

The lawmaker was also critical over the number of ministers who are businessmen.

“Finance Minister, Commerce Minister, Agriculture Minister, Textiles and Jute Minister and Power and Energy state minister are businessmen. It is not clear whether they will represent the interest of a large section or serve individual interest,” he said.

Taking the floor, Agriculture Minister Abdur Razzaque said running business is not a crime. 

Highlighting the government’s ongoing development activities, he said the government made the country self-sufficient in food. 

Awami League presidium member Matia Chowdhury was critical over the double standard role of Bangladesh Nationalist Party lawmakers who raised questions over the legitimacy of the current parliament.

“They have joined the parliament after contesting the polls. Now they are saying it is illegal,” she said.

“Why have you joined the parliament? None has requested you to join,” she said.

Taking the floor, BNP law makers Harunur Rashid and Rumeen Farhana once again raised the question over the legitimacy of the current Parliament, saying that their joining would not ascertain its validity.

They said the six BNP MPs joined the parliament as their party is not getting space for democratic practice like holding rally outside the parliament.

 “Many are questioning as to why we have joined the parliament despite having question that the last general election was unacceptable,” Rashid said.

He said the Election Commission utterly failed to hold an acceptable election and destroyed the norms of parliamentary polls as well as local government polls.

 “Joining of six BNP MPs in the parliament will not give legitimacy of the parliament,” he said.

“There is an absence of democratic space for us to raise our demands in line with the constitution,” Harun said, adding that his party is not allowed to hold even rally.

He said BNP lawmakers joined the parliament in a bid to restore good governance in the country.

“I urge the Leader of the House to initiative a national dialogue with participation from leaders of political parties to have good governance in the country,” he told the House in presence of the Leader of the House and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the parliament.

Farhana said they joined the parliament as BNP was not allowed to hold protest.

“We came here to talk about the countrymen in the parliament….All 300 constituencies were looted in the last election,” she said.

Farhana demanded disclosure of the names of loan defaulters. 

She alleged that several thousand crore taka had been siphoned off to different countries.

“This money is being invested to Second Home project in Malaysia and used to build Begumpara in Canada,” she said.

Farhana faced hue and cry from treasury bench lawmakers several times as she delivered speech undermining the current parliament and the government.

Deputy speaker Fazle Rabbi Miah who was presiding over the sitting expunged the unparliamentarily used words by the lone BNP woman lawmaker.