Reinforce police vigilance to check crime

16 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

In a city crammed with some nine million people, Dhaka stands out among the most overpopulated ones in the world and incidents of crime is not uncommon in such crowded places.Yet the residents want a secure life, especially in crowded areas of the city where people of all income brackets live. The other area is of course public transports which are used for criminal purposes mostly besides motorbikes.

Our policemen are doing a good job in fighting crime, but we feel reinforcement of the force is needed for increased vigilance. Check-posts at various points must be increased and be extra careful in allowing vehicles entering those areas.

Some incidents of robbery in the outskirts of capital Dhaka indicate the necessity for a tighter vigilance and security.

Incidents of robbery were reported recently from Keraniganj areas along with other crimes elsewhere and residents have expressed their anguish about the incidents.

Police vigilance must be increased by patrolling on foot and vehicles in every area with more LED lights put up by the city corporations.

 Major roads criss-crossing the city are increasingly turning into safe havens for criminals, especially at night. We are shocked by the incidents of rape in a running bus in the city one night. Criminals often wait to catch their prey in buses, private cars or auto rickshaws to snatch money and valuables. We are also aware of how a section of criminals continue to trap city residents with the help of technology and deceive them in cunning and creative ways.

 The “Malam Party” and other snatchers choose festivals to attack their victims.

Our police have contained crime to a great extent and residents have been living in peace. We hope our men in blue would track the burglars of Keraniganj to assure residents that they are active and that they can sleep in peace.

 The police must rise to the challenges faced by Dhaka as a growing city with additional force and modern technology.