Mum seeks mercy for dad who killed five children

13 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A US mother of five children who were killed by their father has asked a jury to spare him the death penalty, reports BBC.

Amber Kyzer told a court in South Carolina that Tim Jones Jr “did not show my children mercy by any means, but my kids loved him”.

The 37-year-old was convicted in May of killing the siblings, aged one to eight, at his home near Lexington on 28 August 2014.

The jury is considering whether Jones should be executed or jailed for life.

“I hear what my kids went through and what they endured,” Ms Kyzer said in court on Tuesday.

“And as a mother, if I could personally rip his face off I would.

“That’s the mom in me. That’s the mama bear.”

Kyzer told the jury she had opposed the death penalty for most of her life.

She said that despite at times hoping the legal system would “fry” her ex-husband she would not ultimately choose to sentence him to death.