Donors must support Rohingya repatriation

11 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Some international donor and voluntary agencies are obviously pursuing a policy of undoing what Bangladesh has done so far as regards the repatriation of Rohingyas to their home – Myanmar. It is outrageous that they are acting in favour of Myanmar and strengthening the hands of that country in its efforts to frustrate the much sought-after repatriation of this minority Muslim group.

That Rohingyas are Myanmar citizens is universally acknowledged by all and sundry. Even the countries that apparently sided with Myanmar in the crisis cannot deny that fact. So the global opinion is clearly in favour of the only tangible solution to the crisis – earliest possible repatriation of the Myanmar citizens to their own country. This is a moral victory for Bangladesh due to dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Myanmar had to come to an agreement with Bangladesh to take back the Rohingyas but it has fallen flat since then. Myanmar has been pursuing a policy of procrastination and trying in all possible ways to delay the repatriation process.

However, stances of certain donor agencies have also a role in the unusual delay of the repatriation process. Clearly those agencies do not want that Rohingyas go back to their ancestral homes. As part of their agenda of narrow self-aggrandisement, they even provoked the Myanmar citizens to stage demonstrations against repatriation. Why the Rohingyas are unwilling to be relocated to Bashan Char is no longer a secret.

Despite global support in favour of repatriation of the Myanmar citizens, Bangladesh has to swim against a strong counter current in dealing with the Rohingya crisis. However, there is hardly any scope of refraining from and weakening diplomatic efforts to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of sending back the Myanmar citizens.

The Rakhine Muslims are the victims of a savage state persecution. With Myanmar’s reluctance to taking them back, the Rohingyas have nowhere to go in the vast world. Their sufferings have assumed a catastrophic proportion and given rise to an acute human crisis. Taking the subhuman condition of the Rohingyas into consideration, the said donor and voluntary agencies should refrain from all sorts of dirty games around Rohingya crisis. They should rather lend support to Bangladesh’s efforts to send back Rakhine people to their homes in Myanmar.