For a safe Eid journey

23 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The frantic rush to village homes of thousands of people to celebrate the Eid festival with their near and dear ones is an integral part of the Bengali life. This huge rush of the homebound people is itself a major cause of discomfort and, in some cases, meets a tragic end as well. None would disagree that inefficiency in bringing discipline in the transport sector remains a main cause of the discomfort and sorrow.

The Eid rush in on. Because of the government's foresight, the construction of new bridges will give much relief to the commuters along the Dhaka-Chattogram highway. Newly finished underpasses and other structures will help in bringing discipline in another exit way from the capital city. The overall favourable condition of many highways is a good sign.  

But worryingly, the plying of unfit vehicles still poses the risk of accidents. When some owners are refurbishing their unfit vehicles to mostly change their outlook only, irregularities on roads and, as a result, the overwhelming number of fake license-holders remains a constant threat to road safety. Sudden steps ahead of the Eid to disallow plying of unfit vehicles will cause additional hassles for the commuters by reducing availability of vehicles.

Though the Home Minister vowed not to allow unprofessional drivers to drive vehicles during the Eid vacation, this hasty move may cause the shortage of drivers and sure to affect the homebound journey of holidaymakers.

The danger of the waterway accidents looms large as some launch owners have carried out hasty repairs in a bid to give a new and attractive look to their worn-out launches for carrying the home-goers. Though steps have been taken to end black marketing of train tickets and reduce the sufferings of ticket-seekers, people still need to pass sleepless nights at ticket selling centres. 

In short, bringing discipline in the transport sector is an ongoing journey. The strategic move to implement the goals in this regard with due diligence is the key to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during the Eid rush. We wish that a safe Eid journey this year will put an end to our worries.