Maximum Utilisation of Power

Govt to promote electric vehicles

Shamim Jahangir

22 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The government is planning to encourage cost effective electric vehicles to use electricity aiming to ensure maximum utilisation of power in the country.

Sources said country’s grid electricity generation capacity is now around 18,000MW whereas only 60 percent of the electricity can be utilised at different consumers end.

Besides, the energy cost of running electric vehicles is over 50 percent lower compared to CNG-run vehicles whereas it was over four times lower than the gasoline car, according to fuel cost comparison between electric car and conventional car conducted by Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission member Md Mizanur Rahman.

According to a comparison based on studies by the department of energy USA and the Idaho National Lab USA, per kilometre fuel cost by gasoline/Petrol fired car is Tk 8.00 where as it was Tk 6.00 by a diesel run car.

On the other hand, the fuel cost by CNG- and electric-run cars was Tk 3.30 and Tk 1.5 per kilometre respectively.

“We are ready to supply electricity to electric vehicles subject to the government’s policy on it,” senior power division secretary Dr Ahmad Kaikaus told the daily sun on Tuesday.

He said the power division has an adequate supply of electricity now. The government is increasing electricity generation as per 10-12 percent forecast of power per year.

He said the locally made electric vehicles (easy bikes) are now consuming 400MW-500MW of electricity daily.

The road transport and highway division also moved to prepare the Clean and Efficient Vehicle Policy aims to encourage the electric vehicles.

The division recently assigned the road transport and highway superintendent engineer Nur-e-Alam for preparing a working paper that supports the division in making the policy.

Now, the government is conducting a feasibility study on Developing Clean and Efficient Vehicles polices for Bangladesh in support with UN Environment and Clean Air Asia.

The feasibility study will help the country introduce reduction of energy in transport sector and find a way to reduce environment pollution as well, said road and transport division additional secretary Md Huamyun Kabir Khandaker at a recent meeting.

At the meeting, road and transport division joint secretary Nur Mohammed Majumder said different countries have introduced green transport services.

So, it will require a policy to introduce it in Bangladesh, according to him.

The government of India has already allowed production, marketing and registration of electric vehicles on their road. India has a plan to introduce 25-30 percent of electric car on their road by 2030.     

Road Transport and Highway superintendent engineer Nur-e-Alam said the reservoir of the natural gas is reducing significantly.

He proposed withdrawing CNG supply from personal cars and diverting it to mass transport.

According to car import policy here, the 1000cc-1600cc import duties of cars are same here whereas India and Sri Lanka have separate import duties. For this reason, consumers of cars in India and Sir Lanka have been discouraged from purchasing gasoline-run cars.

Power division deputy secretary Abadul Huq who attended the meeting said it requires a concrete policy on consumption of electricity by electric cars in next five years, its charging stations and fuel consumption cost etc.

According to the road transport and highway division, a total of 37,13,889 motor vehicles have so far been registered in the country.