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All About Lash Extensions

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20 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

All About Lash Extensions

Every girl longs for long and high-volume eye lashes. Not everyone naturally inherits the perfect eye lash. Some women use mascara to give their lash a good look. But when mascara just doesn’t deliver the expected result you are longing for, you can always go for eyelash extensions. Here is all you really need to know if you are planning to have a lash extension:


Prep Talk

If you are thinking about the measurement of length, thickness and curl, you can customize the lashes according to your preference. The thickness of lash extensions varies between 0.10mm and 0.30 mm and should be selected based on your natural lashes. If the extensions are thicker than your natural lashes, chances are they might fall out prematurely. For lashes that are naturally very fine, a 0.15mm thickness with a C-curl goes perfectly. Synthetic lashes help to get a natural look and it is difficult to detect, even up close.


Individual Lashes or 3D Extensions

Individual lashes or 3D extensions are the most popular, but takes the longest time to apply. Most salons offer these as a standard full set or an ultra full set. In an ultra-full set an extension is applied to every eyelash, whereas in a standard set extensions are applied sparingly. Go for the latter if you are looking for a natural and long-lasting finish. They are groups of five to eight lashes knotted in a bunch. Flares are not the most comfortable to wear but work well for a short duration. Express lashes are individual extensions that are gulfed on top of your lashes and give you a plush gaze in under 45 minutes. What is the downside? They last for about a week, after which they start falling out and can look messy.


Get Ready

After a cleaning of the lashes, the technician secures the bottom lashes and applies extensions to the top, in graduating lengths on the inside of the eye.


Take Care

The first 24-28 hours are crucial. Follow the no-makeup, no-water and no-touch policy. Don’t schedule a facial or sauna and take care when you shower or wash your face. It’s better to avoid strong water splash on lash areas during the shower.