BCL feud comes into light


20 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A longstanding feud between BCL leaders has come into light after their full-fledged central committee has been announced in recent times.

Sources said the conflict over induction of some leaders into a new BCL central committee has apparently reached a peak.

A section of BCL post-deprived leaders and activists allegedly came under attack again in the early hours of Sunday.

At least 15 BCL men, including females, were injured in the attack.

The scuffle took place around 2:30am when the deprived leaders were holding a meeting with BCL president Rezwanul Haque Chowdhury and general secretary Golam Rabbani at TSC on Dhaka University campus.

They sat in the meeting to discuss reshuffle in their central committee.

In protest against the attack, they staged a sit-in on the Raju Memorial Sculpture premises and demanded punishment for the attackers.

Following the protest, Golam Rabbani told protesters that he will submit a resignation letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today (Sunday).

On behalf of the deprived faction, Saif Babu, also former publicity secretary of the body, said, “A 10-member delegation went to discuss their decision with the BCL president and the general secretary.”

Former BCL programme and planning affairs secretary Rakib Hossain alleged they (Shovon and Rabbani) put their best efforts to save 16 ‘controversial’ leaders inducted into the new committee.

Around 3:00am, Shovon and Rabbani tried to calm down protesters. But they told both the leaders to go away.

In the face of the protest, Rabbani said, “I am sorry. I will submit my resignation letter tomorrow to the prime minister.”

However, BCL president Shovon declined to say nothing in this regard.

BCL, the student wing of the ruling Awami League, announced its 301-member full-fledged central committee on Monday, one year after its national council with high discontentment and controversy.