My Son! Oh My Son! | 2019-05-09 |


My Son! Oh My Son!

Md. Kamruzzaman Molla

9 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Stanza I

My Son! Oh My Son! What a pitiful history it is!

I never forget how they seize.

To celebrate a family occasion with the Father of the Nation,

You had to tune a highly pathetic song.

All the members along with the father were in a slumber mood,

The barbarians, the betrayers and the traitors opened their hood.

You were grieved in a melancholic way in that unprecedented night,

The state, the bureaucrat all did not appear in sight.


Stanza II

My Son! Oh My Son! You were a boy of only five years old,

The Almighty blessed me when it was cold.

Your presence always touches me countless pleasure,

I never imagined of your journey here would be over,

I have been a statue or a man life in dead body,

Oh! Almighty! I bear the condolence till my journey.


Stanza III

My Son! Oh My Son! How tragic death it was!

You had martyrdom with eight pairs!

The merciless betrayers brushed fire at first sight,

A bullet suddenly pierced into you in the late night.

It causes much sufferings into your structure,

I never forget that massacre.


Stanza IV

My Son! Oh My Son! The sun sets down through your tragic death,

You! My heart! My beloved was not saved from wrath.

Your sacrifice will be a great stance for mankind,

For thee nobody will be unkind.

The blood rolls down and it reddens the dawn,

The traitors, the miscreants snatched my crown.

Till then at House no 32, the national flag was floating into the air,

No high official or No mass dared to visit there.


Stanza V

My Son! Oh My Son! You lied here forever,

The pains, the grief, and the farewell is felt in my heart ever,

Rise up like Khalid Bin WA lid and hold the flag of bravery,

Today you may be a great if you did not have catastrophe.

Your sacrifice may not be penned in the pages of history,

But you will be lived through heart of everybody.

In respect of you, No song, No bugle was not played on that day,

But the nature, the clouds burst into tears to pay.


Stanza VI

My Son! Oh My Son! That dawn begins through the lamentation,

Oh! No genera! No minster! No leader! Attended your ceremonial function.

For thee, No history, No lyric or No page has been recognized,

It is you that your catastrophe will be ever eternalized.

The nation never ignores your mournful incident,

They feel you all what was really unprecedented.


Stanza VII

My Son! Oh My Son! Your presence I had was during independence,

How unfortunate I have to bear the deepest condolence.

You are sleeping here with the father of the nation in peace,

Nobody, none must fail to reach.

The ever cruelest month, August! You took away my heart, 

You pay a little but make me hurt.

Benevolence, patience and sacrifice make a man eternalized on the earth,

The righteous continues his ceaseless journey, never derail from his path.


Stanza VIII

My son, the broken mind will never be filled up in your absence,

I have been bursting into tears for a long but have a patience.

My son!  You have represented the stance of highly praised paragon,

I pray to Almighty that you are sleeping in peace with the father in heaven.

Don’t be panicked or be scared. My Son! Sukanto Abdullah!

I shall meet you on the Day of Judgment Inshallah. 


(The writer is a faculty member of the Department of English, Birshrestha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College, Peelkhana, Dhaka.)