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Noble: Our Very Own Singing Sensation

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

25 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Noble: Our Very Own Singing Sensation

Noble is a smiling, noble man with an ethereal, noble voice. He is a popular contestant of the international TV show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2019’ which is aired on ZeeBangla and the only contestant from Bangladesh who made it to the ‘Top 10’ of this competition. Mainul Ahsan Noble has turned out to be an iconic figure in our country as well as in Kolkata.

‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ is a prestigious Indian musical reality TV show that began its journey in 1995. It’s one of the most popular programmes in this part of the world that seeks to find the musical talents. Noble is one of the contestants from Bangladesh this season who has amazed all. His voice is purely magical and the best part is that he can easily do transitions from rock songs to romantic songs without even breaking a sweat.

Interestingly this talented singer was denied of his worth right here in his homeland. When he had participated in the competition ‘Banglalink Next Tuber’, the judges told him that he was not ‘good enough’. Could it be failure from there that motivated him to work harder or could it be because his true talent was not recognized back then, nobody knows. However, the illustrious judges of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ with decades of experience under their belts recognized his true potential while the world watched with awe.


Every video of Noble’s performance has garnered thousands and thousands of views in social media while some of them has been viewed and liked more than 3 million times on Youtube. When Noble performed the song ‘Ma’ by James, everyone including the judges and audience became emotional and some even had tears in their eyes. This song, like many of his other songs, became viral overnight on social media. In fact, it is not just over the Bengali songs that he had shown his exceptional singing skills. He has also sung Hindi songs such as “Papa Kehte Hai” with excellent accuracy and proficiency (for a person whose native language is Bengali). While Noble’s voice is one of the few that can adapt, and to a greater extent, mimic rock stars’ voices, his voice can also be melo that suits him to sing versatile ranges such as Tahsan’s ‘Prematal’, ‘Firiye Dao’ by Miles, etc.


This week, Noble had to battle with contestant Sumon. However, Monali (one of the judges) made their challenge more difficult by saying that Noble will have to sing a song selected by Sumon while Sumon will have to sing one selected by Noble. Noble overcame the challenge so easily. Everyone was mesmerized. However, after the performance, the judges said that Noble sang too less. This was because Sumon had already sung a great part of the song, so Noble had less to sing. This gave rise to slight confusion. Even then, all the judges were truly satisfied and praised Noble for his performance. Though the other judges gave Noble 10 out of 10, judge Srikanto gave him 9 out of 10. This caused an outburst among Noble’s fans who said that such a marking was completely biased and unfair. Well, nothing can be done now as far as the judgment is concerned. But one thing is for sure, Noble has definitely won millions of hearts. We just have to wait to see what else this singing sensation has in store for us all.