Condemnation for Colombo attackers

23 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

We condemn in strongest terms the gruesome bomb blasts that killed and injured such a large number of people in Sri Lanka on Sunday; at the same time express our heartfelt sympathy to the near and dear ones of the victims. We pray for the peace of the departed souls and early recovery of the injured. The prayer for now is that Sri Lanka recover from the carnage perpetrated by still unidentified assailants.

Though the gory incident took place at a far off place from us, we also suffered a great loss with the tragic death of the eight and a half-year old Zayan Chowdhury, the grandson of Awami League presidium member Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim, MP, and also of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasian. Sheikh Selim’s son-in-law Moshiul Haque Chowdhury, the child’s father, has also been injured in the bomb attack. We offer condolence to the family members of Zayan.

The people of Bangladesh also had the experience of passing through agonising moments during the terrorist attacks in the city’s Holy Artisan Bakery in July 2016. The entire nation was traumatised by the blood-soaked incident. We stand by the people and government of Sri Lanka in these moments of crisis.

Until the time of writing this editorial yester evening, none was reported to have claimed the responsibility of the bloody attacks. Irrespective of their identities, the perpetrators are stone-hearted criminals devoid of every human value; they are killers of fellow human beings; they are dark forces having nothing to do with sense of humanity. They can only be condemned and cursed; they did an act of cowardice but gained nothing other than hatred. They are doomed to fail in their sinister design. 

These obscurantist forces have killed the innocent people who were observing the great day of Christ’s resurrection from the dead but they will never be able to stop the victory march and triumph of good senses and disrupt the peace and harmony among followers of different faiths. Instead of getting isolated from our brothers and sisters of other faiths we need to get more united to fight the evil that struck the peaceful and beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka.